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Engineering Contractor, Miami Florida
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Engineering Contractors

Earthwork: Excavating, Hauling, Grading Earthwork

GPE Engineering & General Contractors provides both public and private sector clientele with a single-source solution for demolition, digging, hauling, grading, leveling and site work in Greater Miami and South Florida. For municipal, commercial and industrial construction projects large and small, GPE earthwork and excavation services also include basements, foundations, berms, building pads, dock height pads, swales, retainage ditches, trenching and embankments.

Utilities: Water and Sewer Systems, Lift Pump Stations, Storm Drainage Systems Utilities

GPE Engineering is South Florida's preferred engineering contractor for the installation, repair, replacement or refurbishment of pipes, pumps, valves or other components of domestic or commercial water and sewer systems, lift stations and storm drainage systems. GPE is Class V certified and can also extend water mains or tap them and install fire hydrants, backflow preventers and manholes. Other utilities construction services include trenching, Stormceptor catch basins and rainwater leader systems.

Surface Courses: Asphalt, Roadways, Concrete, Curbs Surfaces

GPE Engineering has been paving and maintaining asphalt and concrete roadways, driveways and parking lots in and around the Greater Miami/Fort Lauderdale metroplex since 1979. GPE pavement maintenance and restoration services include milling, resurfacing, seal coating, striping and signage. GPE also forms and pours all manner of concrete slabs, decks, sidewalks, aprons, curbs, gutters and paver retention bands. Asphalt or concrete, large or small, GPE is the contractor to call.

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